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August 16, 2019

A baseball blog?  Really? Me? What do I know about baseball?  Uh . . .not much, frankly. But that’s ok, because I still end up at a lot of baseball games.  So how does THAT happen? Read on, my friend. 

I’m married, have a couple of kids and a basically normal life, and in general things are pretty good. I have hobbies, he has hobbies, and we still have plenty in common, so you might wonder what this whole blog thing is even about for me. 

Here’s the thing. He likes baseball. 

Now, I like baseball, but he LIKES baseball. He studies it, and watches it, and knows the players and the stats and the history and the venues and …..well, you get it. He is Mr. Baseball Fan. We both like exploring new places. If we “happen to run into a baseball game,” so much the better, says he. 

For me, it’s a little different.  For me, it’s like a cupcake. Stay with me here. A cupcake by itself is nice enough. I guess. Maybe a little sad, though, all plain and boring.*  But a cupcake with frosting, really luscious homemade frosting–that’s something worth a road trip. Because FROSTING.

And even if you’re not seeing anything extra besides the game (not every trip/cupcake gets frosting, because that’s just the way life is sometimes), each team and stadium has its own individual personality, which is fun in and of itself. Which team has a Rubber Duck as a mascot?  Where will you find something to eat that ISN’T a Bratwurst? Why is that guy balancing a stepladder on his chin? (Answer: Akron, Ohio; pretty much everywhere; and “because he can.”) 

Baseball is fun; travel is fun.  Put them together, and you have In From the Outfield. Wanna come? 

*If you like naked cupcakes, or even prefer the cupcake to the frosting, it’s ok–all are welcome here!

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